Connected ovens and the internet of things.

CHEFTOP & BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ ovens have been designed with Internet of Things technology to harness the maximum benefits from the technologies of the future: send recipes remotely, check the correct utilization of each oven, and in the event of any technical issues, carry out a remote diagnosis to quickly fix the problem.

Everything at the click of a button.

Through UNOX Data Driven Cooking it is possible to access the operating data of each UNOX oven in your network, view in detail the operating status and actual usagem, as well as automatically receive information relating to any malfunctions. Which means always have everything under control.


Personalized internet portal and business intelligence.

Complex businesses require advanced technologies to be managed simply and effectively. UNOX INTERNET PACKAGE is a project tailored to your needs that provides you with all the important data in real-time, in the form you consider most appropriate.